Currently programmer at Miralix. Avid gamer and proud member of the PC master race.

My name is Dennis Dalstrøm, and this is my personal blog. Here I write about programming, software development and other awesome things.

I’m a professional programmer living in Horsens, Denmark. When I’m not neck deep in code, I enjoy gaming, reading, watching movies, good food and beer.

I have worked as a programmer since 2012, but coded since 2002. I still remember my first website, which was mostly about my computer and it’s specifications. Today I work mainly with C# and .Net, and really loving it. I have always loved creating something out of nothing, that others can appreciate and make use off.

About this blog

The purpose of this blog, is to be a conduit. A way for me to write about all things software related, to help others (but mostly myself), to have a better understanding of the bundled pieces of code I make.

In case you were wondering, this site is:

Have a question for me? Feel free to ask me on Twitter.